Analyzing the Polls

A quick Thanksgiving post for my Huckabee readers.

I read an interesting article from that gives some good analysis of Huckabee’s rising poll numbers, as well as the numbers of some of the candidates. (link)

The first thing that I found interesting about the article, was how the author was quick to draw comparisons to Ron Paul. Paul and Huckabee started out this campaign in about the same position. They both were sitting close to nil in the polls, but the difference was that Paul already had a large base of support among Libertarians and soon became a fundraising machine through his website.

Huckabee, on the other hand, has had to continually struggle to raise money. However, his message has resonated with far more people that Paul’s. Huckabee has even had the chance to take on Paul during one of the debates earlier this year, and judging by the reaction of the crowd, Huckabee came out on top:

Ron Paul continues to be able to raise large amounts of cash, but his message and the shrill delivery of that message have failed to catch on with the American people in general. Huckabee has been able to appeal to a far greater group of people than Paul. He has appeal with both the extremely conservative evangelical voters as well as more moderate Republican voters. This is mainly due to his strong pro-life stance (evangelicals) and his brand of compassionate conservatism (moderates). His appeal to the Republican voters in general is rooted in his pro-life stance, 2nd Amendment support, commitment to fiscal conservatism, and his generally positive outlook for the country when compared to the pessimism of other candidates from both sides of the aisle.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Huckabee and other candidates is that as more people hear about him, the higher he goes in the polls. This is in stark contrast to Fred Thompson who has seen his numbers drop steadily since joining the race. While most of the other candidates have been sitting in similar places in the polls as they have for the last few weeks (or months in some cases), Huckabee marches steadily upward.

The media said that when and if Huckabee started to be recognized as a viable candidate, the increased scrutiny and resulting attacks would knock him out of the race. The exact opposite has been happening. Huckabee continues to prove that he has the chops to run with the big dogs. With his increasing poll numbers and growing support among voters, his odds are looking better and better at becoming the nominee.



One thought on “Analyzing the Polls

  1. I just wrote a letter to the editor to the Fort Worth Star Telegram. PLease check it out on my blog and respond to the author of the article to set the record strait

    please share

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