Huckabee the Reformer

The Huck Report has the full video of Governor Huckabee’s interview with Chris Matthews on Hardball. (link)

The Hardball interview continues the trend of left leaning media outlets giving Huckabee better interviews and more air time than their more conservative counterparts. Matthews was very respectful of Huckabee, while still asking some good questions.

The most intriguing part of the interview was when Matthews compared Huckabee to Martin Luther. The comment came right after Huckabee has finished a statement in which he listed off a number of traditionally Democratic issues and said that Republicans should also be concerned about them (i.e. health care reform, the environment). After the comment, Matthews compared Huckabee to Martin Luther in that while Luther played a role in the reformation of Christianity, Huckabee is playing a role in the reformation of the Republican party.

Huckabee was obviously a bit surprised by the comparison, but he handled it with the appropriate humbleness for such a lofty comparison. While I would have never even thought of such a comparison, and I think it might be a little extreme, it is still a huge compliment for Huckabee.

This proves yet again that Huckabee’s message is resonating with many people. While the big names in the conservative media still seem content to dismiss him or attack him, Huckabee continues to slowly make inroads with the voters. His brand of compassionate conservatism is resonating with the every day American. It is making many conservative leaders uncomfortable because they now appear as stuck in their old ways as the Democrats they accuse of the same thing.

Change, reform, is not always bad. Huckabee aims to bring that reform.



3 thoughts on “Huckabee the Reformer

  1. Caleb, you are “right on” with your observations and I am in total agreement. I too am a rerfom minded conservative that cares about issues of environment, health care and the needy. I just hope that the establishment in the conservative movement will not sabotage Mike’s refreshing ideas and truly make our government work again for the majority of Americans. If more people do not support his candidacy, it will be a very sad day for this country but I do believe in miracles. Thanks for all relevant and useful comments given on Mike’s blog.

  2. Caleb, thanks for the great work you’re doing on behalf of Mike’s campaign. I know how hard it is to blog while pursuing many other important things in life. Your posts are enjoyable, and a lot of us look forward to them, so please keep it up.

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