Mike Huckabee on His Chuck Norris Ad

Here is an excerpt of what Mike Huckabee had to say about his first campaign ad which featured Chuck Norris:

“The Chuck Norris ad is doing exactly what I said I would hope it would do when I appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace–create some interest, give people a Thanksgiving week break from the nasty and savage ads that have been run by other campaigns, and drive people to our website to get the FULL story of the Huckabee campaign. It is working! Fox and even other networks have been running the ad and talking about it all day; website traffic is fantastic, and it is being called “the best ad of the campaign so far.” (We hope they will say that about the next one we’ll run next week that starts getting serious about the issues.)”

To read the rest, visit Huckabee’s official site. (link)



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