Three Way Tie for 2nd: Nothing to write home about

According to Rasmussen, Mike Huckabee is currently in a three way tie for second place in national polls. (Rasmussen) While this is indeed a very encouraging number compared to where Huckabee was just months ago, I still do not see it as something that I am going to trumpet to people who sitting on the fence. The main reason being that the margin of error (+/- 4%) is such that things could be either significantly better or significantly worse for Huckabee. Another reason is that he has been as high as 14% in the same poll and is currently sitting at 12%.

Real Clear Politics, a group which takes the numbers from dozens of polls and averages them, still puts Huckabee in the single digits (%8.9). (link) There are some who would look at that number and their hearts might sink because it is significantly lower than the Rasmussen poll. I would differ with them. The RCP poll shows that Huckabee clearly has upward momentum. The fact that the more exposure he gets, the better he does, speaks very well for the future of his campaign. That is the poll I will most likely refer people to at this point because it shows beyond a shadow that Huckabee is climbing and is arguably more accurate.

Huckabee needs to break out of that three way tie. Right now there are still many Americans who do not take his candidacy seriously. If he can pull out ahead of the pack by four or five percentage points in the Rasmussen poll, the people of America will have to see him as viable. His upward momentum bodes well for him pulling away from the pack.

While I celebrate every poll that puts Huckabee in good standing, I will be ecstatic when Huckabee moves ahead by more than the margin of error.



5 thoughts on “Three Way Tie for 2nd: Nothing to write home about

  1. The polls are interesting, but I am hopeful that each person will vote and support their principles. For me, Romney is a flipper and just another politician all about themselves. I like Tancredo and Hunter. Thompson, well, I just don’t think he is in line with my values and positions. Rudy, well, Rudy is way out of line with me. I respect McCain’s service having read the book, “Hanoi Hilton”, but I again don’t see him as my candidate. I see Alan Keyes as a good match and a forceful debater, tried and true, but to shrill I am sorry to say. I believe he would be a great candidate. I hope he is offered a future-enhancing position in politics. I like him a lot and respect him. Ron Paul is shrill and I wouldn’t let him anywhere near power, besides, I am not a libertarian (or republican or democrat for that matter). We just don’t have the same values or perspective.

    For me, that leaves Mike Huckabee. I didn’t start with Mike, but I have been watching them all and I moved to Mike. I would have done more earlier for him if I would have known more.

    Mike is the obvious choice at this point. I would love to see a ticket with Mike and others like Keyes and Tancredo and Hunter.

    I urge you all to list your convictions, prioritize them, and consider the candidate’s real position on them (use historical evidence and action wherever possible). Then vote your conscience and NOT with the polls. I have never been remorseful about voting my conscience (Romans 12).

    Finally, God is in control, not money or media or parties. PRAY! and get involved as God leads you. May the Lord Jesus, our Creator, guide us all into the Truth (John 14:6).


  2. Mike Huckabee’s numbers will continue to climb the more people hear him speak and the message gets out. I have great faith that Mike Huckabee will become President Mike Huckabee. I met the man two days ago and he is exactly what I thought he was. He is real, he is genuine. He is humble. Go Mike Go.

  3. Hello,

    First of all I’d like to say thank you for running a pro-Huckabee blog. It is thanks to the efforts of dedicated citizens like you that Mr. Huckabee has been rising rapidly in the polls.

    The reason I am writing you is to inform you of my own effort. I have created a website,, challenging every Huckabee supporter to give $100 or more on November 20th (Children’s Day). Check it out and then, if it is not too much trouble, would you do a shot writeup about the effort and post it on your blog? Be sure to link to and together we can make a big impact on this date.

    If you have any questions/concerns, please email me at

    Thank you for your time and efforts,
    Thaddeus Billman

    P.S. There are also some banners ads to support this effort at in case you want to place a graphical link to the site.

  4. hi caleb,

    yes, i felt the same way about the ad as you, at first. but then i saw the beauty of it: name recognition.

    had it been a serious one that us knowledgeable supporters liked, it wouldn’t be getting the great coverage it is. the corny or funny star-endorsed ads really work in that respect.

    i have no doubt that after mike is well known, we’ll see those serious ones, the ones that make us put our hand over our heart, wipe a tear, and thank God for a great American like Mike Huckabee.

    keep up the good work on your site.

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