Why Huckabee Is Succeeding

Some have watched in awe, some with doubt, and others with fear as Mike Huckabee’s campaign has taken off over these last few months. His success has left many people asking why a little known candidate with no money has been able to move into second place in Iowa.

The answer is simple. Mike Huckabee stands for something. One of the most frustrating things about politics is that so many candidates simply run an “anti-the-other-guy” race. They spend a good portion of their time trying to convince people that they are not their opponent by attacking the opponent. Huckabee has run most of his campaign off of the merits of his own ideas. He has not been running as the “anti-Hillary, Barack, Rudy, Mitt, or Thompson.” The man actually has ideas and goals that could change the political and economic landscape of this country if elected. I have not heard another candidate who is a proponent of the fair tax, or who said the key to solving America’s health care and obesity crisis is not through government health care but through encouraging physical fitness and a proper diet.

Mike Huckabee has set himself apart from the crowd because he is a candidate of ideas. His message is appealing because it offers hope and more than an “elect me because I am not him/her” message. People are looking for a change. They are looking for someone who can lead America forward in one of the most difficult times in our history. Huckabee gives people that hope because, unlike other candidates who live in ivory towers, he knows what it is to be us.



10 thoughts on “Why Huckabee Is Succeeding

  1. Amen, my friend, Amen. Mike is rising simply because he is the antithesis to normal political behavior. He’s unscripted, passionate, honest, genuine, talks about solutions, not problems with other candidate positions. He doesn’t attack. He talks about America’s problems and suggests ways to solve them. He isn’t afraid to criticize his own party. He’s almost outside the Republican party, in some ways. Almost.

    He definitely and obviously represents and is trying to address the average American’s concerns. Not Wall Street. Not the special interest groups. He tells us that politicians are saying the economy is good, but when you talk to the hairdresser, the cabdriver, the hotel cleaning crew, life IS NOT good. And that resonates with voters who have felt neglected, rejected, seduced and then cast off in the past many many eleections.

    Hmmm. I see a post coming in a few days from this thought process.

    I miss you guys. Maybe I will try to come down in the next couple of months… Hmmm… Thanks for the idea.

  2. I think that Huckabee is doing so well becasue he is a really person. He doesn’t come off as a politician, but as a regular guy.

  3. You are one of the best Huckabee blogs out there. Remember to remind your readers about the huckabee money bomb. check my blog ags4huckabee.blogspot.com for details or onemom.wordpress.com

  4. You said it all in your first paragraph. Why can someone with no money accomplish what Huckabee has? Perhaps I have a naive understanding of politics, but isn’t that what America is about? Are we not a free country, where leadership is granted to those with the best ideas, not those who can buy their way to the top? Perhaps he is almost outside the republican party, but wasn’t George Washington a lot like Huckabee – choosing the best ideas from what are now both sides, but with a conservative base of integrity?

    In regards to health care, Huckabee has ideas that may actually make a difference in this country. We are being promised universal health care by some, but what will that take – and would it really make a difference? We already spend 25 percent more on health care than any other country on the planet for health care, but are only number 42 in life expectancy. Will throwing more gasoline on the fire solve the problem? Huckabee is looking at ways of distinguishing the fire. Currently, obesity alone is responsible for 20 percent of cancers in women, and the rate of obesity is skyrocketing. Huckabee is looking “up-river” at the obesity epidemic, and has even demonstrated in his own life, that like smoking, something can be done and the trend can be reversed.

    If Huckabee is elected, and his ideas brought to life, THAT is how we will have the money to insure the uninsured. Not to mention the lives, and traumatic cancer treatments that could be left behind.

    Lynne Eldridge MD
    Author, “Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time”

  5. I agree. Mike Huckabee is so genuine. He really understands that the office he is seeking is one of service and he takes that very seriously. He has real solutions on important issues and can always back up what he claims. He answers the questions asked of him, and people truly respect that.

    Go Mike Go!

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