Huckabee Receives Pro-Life Endorsement

Hot on the heels of a loudly contested (by Huckabee supporters) endorsement of Fred Thompson by the National Right to Life Committee, Mike Huckabee has landed his own endorsement from a prominent pro-life leader. (link)

Tom Glessner, head of the pro-life group National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, has given Mike Huckabee his personal endorsement. He stressed that this was not an endorsement by the group that he leads, but was personal in nature. While it has not received the same amount of press as the Thompson endorsement, this is still important for the Huckabee campaign. It gives the Governor something that he can reference while campaigning to help sway people who might be sitting on the fence.

Perhaps the most astounding thing about Mike Huckabee’s campaign is how far he has been able to come without receiving the major endorsements that many of the other candidates have received. Huckabee is proving that he truly is the candidate of the people. So far it has been the common, every day Joe, who has propelled Huckabee to where he is. This campaign is turning out to be less and less about name recognition and endorsements and more and more about who has the strongest platform and best vision for America.


2 thoughts on “Huckabee Receives Pro-Life Endorsement

  1. This endorsement means nothing. You said it yourself, it’s not the endorsement of the group Tom Glessner represents. National Right to Life is the largest pro-life advocacy/PAC group in the nation and Fred Thompson has the support of the entire NRLC.

    Face it Huckabee is will always be second fiddle. He is a one plank candidate. The pro-life issue is all the man has. It’s the only conservative principle in his platorm. He supports tuition for illegals, and he supports tax hikes. His sense of humor can only get him so far. When it comes down to giving answers of substance to the more pressing issues facing our country – Huckabee’s well has run dry.

  2. For being “second fiddle” I’d say he’s doing quite well (2nd in Iowa and gaining ground nationally). Also, he is far more than a one issue candidate. In fact, he is just as strong on a number of issues (Fair-Tax, National Security, Immigration, and the Military for just a few examples) as he is on the pro-life issues.

    Thanks for the comment. I welcome debate.

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