Interesting Poll from Rasmussen

Rasmussen has an interesting article about the way the public views the Republican candidates. Instead of a poll that asks the public who they will vote for, the polls asks people to vote on whether they view the candidates as conservative, moderate, or liberal. For the full article, check out the following link. (link)

The article gives Mike Huckabee some positive remarks, stating that he is gaining ground in that he is being perceived by a growing number of Republican voters as representing conservative values. He is rapidly closing in on Fred Thompson, who was once seen as the most conservative candidate, but has fallen since he has entered the race. Mitt Romeny is currently the reigning king of perceived conservative values. It is interesting to note that the article says Huckabee is closing in on Romeny, despite still being relatively unknown by many Republican voters and having spent much less money than other candidates.

Huckabee continues to show improvement in a variety of polls. Unlike Thompson, whose increasing public exposure has led to a dramatic drop in the polls, as Huckabee’s message spreads he continues to rise. With more nationally televised debates on the horizon, and Huckabee’s stellar performance in all the debates thus far, one has to wonder if the coming debates will propel him further up in the polls and solidify his standing as a true contender for the Republican nomination. Only time will tell.



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