Fred Thompson Receives National Right to Life Committee Endorsement

Fox News story here: (link)

A major endorsement by prominent pro-life group National Right to Life Committee was just given to Fred Thompson. There has been much speculation about who the group would endorse. With the endorsement, Fred Thompson is able to shore up his pro-life credentials, something which he had been criticized on, and potentially reach out to the one-issue voters who might not otherwise have supported him. This also has the potential to cause other pro-life leaders (i.e. James Dobson) to follow the lead of the NRLC.

The endorsement is a major disappointment for supporters of Mike Huckabee, who arguably has the strongest pro-life record of the Republican candidates. The endorsement once again raises questions of whether or not the endorsements are based solely on principle or if electability is the deciding factor. This campaign season, it appears that the number one issue on the minds of most individuals and groups is keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House, even if it means endorsing a candidate who does not coincide with the stated values of the individual or group.

For more on this, check out my previous post. (link)

note: The official endorsement will not take place until tomorrow, so hopefully I will get to eat my words and the NRLC will change their mind and Huckabee will land the endorsement.

Edit: The NRLC did not change their mind and the endorsement was made official this morning.  It will be iteresting to see if this endorsement translates into better poll numbers for Senator Thompson.



10 thoughts on “Fred Thompson Receives National Right to Life Committee Endorsement

  1. They aren’t set to announce anything until tomorrow, so there is a chance we can still persuade them.

    Call and email today and let them know Fred is unacceptable and the Huck is the only candidate backing a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

    (202) 626-8800

  2. Electability? Fred? I doubt thats the reason. He’s going down hill fast. He’s probably still sleaping and doesn’t even know he may be getting the endorsement. Also, fox is getting their info from Politico, the same site I belive who said Dobson is supporting Mike. Endorsements don’t mean much anyways, if folks are pursuaded by endorsements like these, they should not be allowed to vote at all.

  3. As to electability: Real Clear Politics still has Thompson in 2nd place nationally. He may be slipping but the thought may be that an endorsement like this could reverse the trend.

    As to Dobson: I wouldn’t put endorsing Thompson past him. This election cycle has given me very little respect for endorsements because they appear to be based almost entirely on poll numbers and not on issues. We all know he won’t go for Rudy and most likely not Mitt, so I think it becomes a toss-up between Huckabee and Thompson.

  4. They’re endorsing Fred “Naptime” Thompson?
    Good grief.
    Heather is right. It’s the end of blindly following “wise” leaders. I never thought I’d want to tell Phyllis Schlafly to button her lip, but I do this election. Now I’m starting to doubt the NRLC.
    This is truly a sad state of affairs.

  5. I have called and emailed NRLC. It has been a season of disillusionment that is for sure. I think the Lord is making it real clear that some of these organizations have grown too big and too political and perhaps He wants to change the direction of His people’s support. I also thinks He wants us to realize that any victory will come solely by and through Him and not through money, endorsements, name recognition or electability. Us little “no names” must just keep plugging away to get the word out on Mike Huckabee. Let’s continue to pray and beseech our God to show our nation and our children mercy.

  6. It’s official. The changing of the guard is here: America has lost Jerry Falwell, D. James Kennedy, Adrian Rogers, Bill Bright, and many other “old guard” leaders in the past few years. And the groups left behind are selling out principles for power. The people, not our leaders, are going to choose the next President. Imagine that concept. 🙂

    Finally got my blog up; there’s not much there, yet, but be checking back in the coming month, especially at the first of December, when I’m finished with classes for the semester!

    Thanks for writing such great posts, Caleb!

  7. I have been involved as a volunteer in the pro-life, anti-abortion movement since 1972 and was especially active as a volunteer from 1972 to 1992 when I was living in Des Moines, Iowa, before moving back to my rural southern Iowa roots. Since my involvement was even prior to the January 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme
    Court decision that opened up the floodgates for the killing of the preborn, I have had a lot of years to observe the movement and to observe the modus operandi of National Right to Life organization. National Right to Life is not an Evangelical organization and not a religious organization as such (and I have no quarrel with that) but does contain a large number of Roman Catholics and a considerable number of Evangelical protestants.

    I personally have long seen National Right to Life
    as a “moderate,” “pragmatic,” “Republican political establishment,” “compromising,” organization. I would have been surprised if they
    had endorsed Mike Huckabee. The only thing I am glad of (and I probably should not be so sarcastic) is that they did not endorse Rudy Giuliana on the basis of his promise to appoint
    conservative judges. Fred Thompson did have a
    right-to-life voting record when he was a Senator.
    But he was never one to go to battle for the unborn. And some of his activities and statements in recent years certainly underscores the fact that neither his proposed policy statements nor his public record come even close to the strong pro-life, pro-family policy and record of Mike Huckabee!

    I think National Right to Life called the wrong shot on this based upon both principle and pragmatism. And I think some of the press discussion may even question their endorsement.
    It is left for each of us individual grass roots pro-life supporters to make our own decision on presidential candidates. I support Mike Huckabee.

  8. Caleb,

    Common sense has been lost in the endorsement process. They look at the polls and say “who has a shot?” Well frankly, that’s not what they should do. They should look at the canidates and say “Who will represent my views the best?”.

    I’m looking at the people in the race on both sides and frankly if it’s not Huck then I’m very likely to go for Clinton or possibly a third party candidate.

    I’m one of the swing voters that can really go either way on this. I have no loyalty to either party only to God.

    No one is thinking about my vote. They don’t understand me. What they should know though is that my vote has accurately predicted the popular vote every single time I have ever voted…so I think my vote is right on the money.

    It’s Huck or bust in my opinion. Clinton is so much less than ideal.

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