Charles Grassley, Huckabee “Catching on a bit”

A good article from a Washington Post blog. (link)

I have found that a great way to find news about Mike Huckabee’s campaign is to Google his name in the Google News section. That is how I stumbled upon a really good article that mentions a reason why Huckabee has not received the support of a prominent Republican in Iowa.

The article states an interesting fact, Bob Dole credited a large part of his win in the Iowa Caucus to an endorsement by Iowa senator Charles Grassley. Grassley’s word apparently carries a significant amount of weight in Iowa politics and an endorsement by him could put Huckabee on the path to a first place finish.

Why has he not given his endorsement to Huckabee?

According to Grassley, Huckabee lacks the funds to be competitive in a national campaign. At this post, Grassley is right. Huckabee’s lack of funds appears to be the dominant issue in people being hesitant to endorse him. This is in spite of the fact that the Governor has seen his position in the polls improving as well as an increase in fundraising. Still, Grassley has a point. For whatever reason, the dramatic increase in the polls has not translated into dramatically more funds for Huckabee. If his supporters hope to see him become the next President of the United States, they will have to step it up and give money at levels so far unseen in the Huckabee campaign thus far.

Huckabee is sitting at a place where he should be seeing his fundraising start to take dramatic leaps forward. If his supporters can provide him the funds that he needs, he will be competitive on a national level. Right now there is only one thing holding Huckabee back: money. He has growing support. He has a strong platform. He has a dedicated group of people willing to spread his message through blogs and in their social circles. The Governor just needs the money. He has come this far with so little, imagine what would happen if he had the funds he needed to be a competitive on a national level.



One thought on “Charles Grassley, Huckabee “Catching on a bit”

  1. hi caleb,

    although i am so grateful to have the endorsements in the Christian community we do have, it is absolutely shameful that a lot of them are dragging their feet waiting to see what we can do FIRST.

    you are a good writer. i wish we had some way to let these “big names” in the Christian community know to make a move now, they are putting the burden (which is not really a burden) on us who live check to check. we can only hold the raft for so long.

    i’m a bit frustrated with those leaders who if they could only speak a few words could help us so much.

    on the other hand, if they don’t, we’ll be strictly on our own with the Lord. I believe He will honor our efforts and send a miracle soon.

    we sure need one. i talked to my ex who’s a news broadcaster on KCAL channel 9 in Los Angeles. he said without the funds that huckabee would not even be able to make it to the full run. i’m hoping that is not true.

    perhaps if we stepped up our letter writing to the Christian leaders?

    i didn’t want to post this to the huck site because i’ve already posted like 4 times today and i don’t want to become a pest.

    if there was some way to get the word out to the endosements we need, someway to shame them into seeing what they’re doing by holding back like this. after all, it’s us that have funded their ministries for so many years.

    thanks for listening.

    is there a list of people we can contact for endorsements? i’d really like to urge them to come help us.


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