Huckabee Proving Viable on National Level

Ramussen has an article about how Huckabee fares in a match up against top Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. (link)

For months Mike Huckabee has been gaining momentum in primary states, but many still questioned his electability in a general election against the Clinton machine or Obama. The article by Rasmussen shows that the Governor is gaining ground nationally and more people are beginning to see him as a viable alternative to other candidates.

One of the biggest issues for Republican voters this election cycle has not necessarily been choosing a candidate that aligns with their values, but in choosing a candidate that can defeat Hillary or whomever the nominee ends up being. Up to this point, Huckabee had not reached a high enough level of prominence to even be considered a threat to the Democratic machine.  With this poll, Huckabee suddenly becomes competitive at a level that he never has before and that could likely bring more supporters into the fold.

If Huckabee can continue to rise in fundraising, primary, national, and head to head polls he will find himself on the short list of candidates standing to face whomever the Democrats choose as their candidate.



One thought on “Huckabee Proving Viable on National Level

  1. Hey man, just wanted to say hi. Veterans Day is pretty depressing this year. I saw something at the parade in town that really made my heart sink. A couple on a motorcycle had an “In Loving Memory…” sign for their soldier who was killed last night. First time in a while I felt my heart sink.

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