Dick Morris on Huckabee

There is an article worth checking out on the Real Clear Politics website (link). Morris says that Huckabee has reached 2nd place in Iowa, commanding 19 percent of the vote. This puts him within striking distance of Romney. Morris also cites Thompson’s steady decline in the polls. That makes me wonder if what I wrote about last night is happening, i.e. Thompson supporters jumping ship and swimming to over to the U.S.S. Huckabee.

Morris also mentions that Huckabee has broken 10% in a national CNN/Opinion Dynamics poll. This is great news for the Governor because it shows that his candidacy is picking up momentum not just in primary states, but across the country. It is also nice because Bill O’Reilly now has to eat some humble pie and buy Morris dinner.

You can’t ignore Huckabee now. Yes, he still does not have a lot of money, but that has not stopped him from becoming a viable candidate. If he continues to attract more people to his cause, his fund raising situation can only improve. In the mean time, it will be the grass roots movement that continues to carry his momentum to parts of the country where he has not had a chance to actively campaign, thus extending his rise in the polls.



One thought on “Dick Morris on Huckabee

  1. Caleb, since I don’t have a blog setup yet, I hope you don’t mind me posting this comment here for others to see. I put it up on the campaign blog after seeing the Brownback & Robertson endorsements this morning:

    A thought on the Brownback/Robertson endorsements: Could it be that we’re seeing a changing of the guard before our very own eyes? Instead of getting angry or upset at these leaders (and believe me I’m there; Pat Robertson got a very civil note in his email box from me this morning), maybe we need to recognize that for the first time, the decision for who is to be the GOP nominee, and then the next President, is actually in the hands of the people? Our leaders have failed us. But we don’t have to lose hope: we still have a wonderful choice in Mike’s candidacy.

    Political experts say money, name recognition, and endorsements all matter. Message is glaringly missing from that list. Mike has that. He doesn’t have the other three. And yet he’s still rising in the polls. I wonder what really matters to the American people, then. Could all the grumbling about leaders out of touch with the people disappear as people learn about Mike?

    Let’s keep praying, tell friends and family about Mike, give to the campaign as we can, and continue to look ahead. And put our faith in the Lord, not our man-made leaders. Only He knows the last chapter.

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