Fred Thompson: Digging his own grave

Check out this link from The Telegraph, a daily online newspaper in England (link).

I must say, when I heard that Fred Thompson was considering a run for the White House, I was hopeful. Even though I’m too young to remember anything of Reagan’s presidency (I was only 5 when he left office), my initial impression of the man was that he might be a very Reaganesque candidate. The biggest commonality that I saw between the two was their background in acting. One of the reasons why Reagan was so good in public was because of his acting background. I honestly expected Thompson to be able to command a stage and deliver a speech with gusto.

Well, I was mistaken. Fred Thompson kept dragging his feet on getting into the race, causing me to wonder if he would ever declare. This was one of the first reasons I started looking at other candidates to support. When he finally did declare, even though I had already found a candidate that I liked, I was anxious to see how he would perform. The first time I saw him speak was in his first debate appearance. I did not come away impressed. I know that I should not judge someone solely on debate performance, but I came away from it feeling like Fred did not have a good enough command of the issues to deliver strong answers to the questions asked.

As time has gone on, I have lost even more respect for Fred. His latest comment, about doubting his own chances for the presidency, makes me wonder why he is still in the race. If the man does not have the courage and the guts to lower his shoulder and soldier on during the long hard days leading up to the primaries what makes people think that he will be able to handle the challenges of the presidency?

I wanted to like Fred. I wanted him to be like Reagan so that I could say I lived through the presidency of another great man. I had hoped to hear rousing speeches and a quick wit. I wanted to hear strong arguments for conservative values. So far, I have heard and seen none of these things from Thompson.

Thompson appears to be fading. If he continues to make comments like the one picked up by The Telegraph, it will only be a matter of time before his candidacy become a self-fulfilling prophesy and he drops out of the race. When/if that happens, it will leave a number of voters looking for a home. I wonder who they will turn to?

Romney, who has waffled on so many issues that the country of Belgium is considering naming a town after him.

Giuliani, who has shown leadership, but lacks a strong conservative record.

McCain, who also has a questionable record.

Or could it be someone else? Could it be the candidate who has perhaps proven to be the most Reaganesque? Mike Huckabee has shown that he knows the issues and that he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes. He has proven to be an eloquent and funny speaker with a gift for appealing to everyday folks. He comes off as the kind of guy you could run into down at the coffee shop and talk to comfortably. At the same time, he commands the stage whenever he speaks. When/if Thompson drops out of the race, Huckabee has a great opportunity to pick up a number of his supporters. That will have the potential to move Huckabee up in the polls and increase his fundraising abilities.

Mike Huckabee continues to move up in the polls and he is slowly showing the country that he is a political force to be reckoned with. His message has proven to be appealing to the majority of people who hear it. If he can raise the funds necessary to spread that message at a national level, his standing will only go up.



16 thoughts on “Fred Thompson: Digging his own grave

  1. Caleb: “I honestly expected Thompson to be able to command a stage and deliver a speech with gusto.”

    On what type of insanity do we ask for “gusto” when listening to what the man is actually saying is what is important…entertainment does not make a President, it is substance and what he has clearly offered is by far the best possible by man.

    “Dragging his feet”?

    It was called “drafting” him to run. He offered and we eagerly asked him to run as the only true Conservative with the real opportunity to win the White House. Why weren’t you researching his record and several opinions on the todays issues like a responsible American??

    “issues to deliver strong answers to the questions asked”

    You could not have been listening or you have no idea what the issues are about to offer this…drivel. Had you provided an example, which you can’t, I would have set you straight.

    “His latest comment, about doubting his own chances for the presidency, makes me wonder why he is still in the race.”

    Have you even heard of what self-deprecating humor is? Do you have the first clue how rare and valuable humility is for a Presidential?? No other candidate genuinely has this.

    Rudolph would take the office like an entitled badge-heavy cop. Willard would take it like a chameleon. The Huckster would take it like a righteous dictator, McCain would outright rule of his self-proclaimed destiny and Paul would turn us inside out and upside down. ALL of them are not of the caliber a President MUST be.

    Caleb: “Mike Huckabee has shown that he knows the issues and that he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes.”

    Hucksters not afraid to tell us that we are rascists for protecting our sovereignty against illegal aliens.

    Huckster wasn’t afraid to do it again here

    Huckster wasn’t afraid to raise taxes in Arkansas like a drunken IRS agent.

    He then demanded that it’s alright to hire illegal aliens

    Huckster even threatened to sue our government over the Real ID Act

    Hucksters is also not afraid to call us “Un-American” and “Anti-Christian”

    Huckster is so unafraid of American citizens that he ignored a corporation who fired citizens to replace them with illegal aliens

    Huckster was unafraid to open a Mexican consulate in Arkansas

    Mike Huckabee has certainly demonstrated he is unafraid of raising taxes like a Liberal couldn’t and destroying our sovereignty like the Senate couldn’t…Do you have any idea how many of Huckster’s American citizen “rascists” it takes to crash the Senate phone system??

  2. Winghunter-

    I appreciate your passion, but please stop quoting negatively slanted and biased articles as if they are fact. It’s not difficult to cut a sentence in half or put together bit and pieces of one in order to support your view. Your whole list is composed of half truths. Any intelligent voter that is honestly seeking the truth is smart enough to do their own analysis and make their decision independent of a writer’s or “expert’s” opinion. The people are smarter than you give them credit for and are capable of finding their own info.

  3. Winghunter,

    I read the links you referenced. They were by other people quoting misinformation or misleading reports of what Huckabee said or did.

    Please check out Huckabee’s official website where he clearly gives his stand on all the issues. If you still disagree with him, fine. But in all due respect, you are right now basing your beliefs on false accusations.

    If you search for the truth, I think you’ll find that Huckabee is the most conservative, sincere and articulate of all the candidates, Thompson included. That is the conclusion I have come to, and I am just trying to spread the news and the excitement about him.

  4. These Winghunter claims are completely false and were probably written by a(n) (edited, no personal attacks please) IRS agent afraid of the FairTax, in all reality. Governor Huckabee cut taxes 90 times and instituted the first broad-based tax cut in the history of Arkansas as a state. Instead of sending Arkansas into debt and disrepair left by his liberal predecessor, Governor Huckabee did in fact choose to live within his means as a governor and raised taxes with the overwhelming approval of the Arkansas public, fixing the crumbling Arkansas roadways and building one of the most effective state infrastructures of that time. Once, there was a mandatory court ordered tax increase for education, which the Governor fought against but eventually complied with the law.
    Overall, instead of focusing just on lowering or raising taxes, Governor Huckabee shrewdly analyzed how each bill would be put to use and if it would be effective in sustaining the general welfare of the people and enable equal opportunity in seeking the American dream. There is nothing liberal about that. You work for equal rights for every citizen and just let ’em work on up in the Land of Opportunity.
    Frankly, Huckabee’s articulate support of huge tax reform to benefit the individual entrepreneur from any background, whether they are poor or rich, is a fresh notion that one of the greatest advocates of economic freedom and initiative is emerging in the presidential race: Mike Huckabee.
    You can visit my blog and see my repudiation of these attacks on Mike’s fiscal record. Mike is the real deal, and Fred Thompson’s blind swipes at the Huckabee campaign has only done more to bring confusion, fear, and polarization to politics. A Huckabee presidency would be the beginning of the end of such obstacles to democracy.

  5. It’s me again. I chose to comment again on these absurd claims by WingHunter that Mike Huckabee is an open-borders kind of guy. In truth, he is the most logical candidate when it comes to immigration, simply stating that before we go on with these elaborate deportation plans for illegal immigrants, we need to seal the border first and foremost. This is reality.
    Let’s talk about the Mexican consulate in Little Rock. As you know Arkansas does have problems with an inflated population of supposed illegal migrants. Instead of being a magnet for illegal immigrants, it would be the clearand simple way for immigrants to come legally to work here. This would also allow Hispanic illegal migrants to be identified and punished. This should be the kind of “common-sense conservatism” that Senator Thompson realizes.
    On your claim that Governor Huckabee wishes to erode our sovreignty, allow me to refer to you the recent Glenn Beck interview in which Huckabee made hs clear and simple opposition argument to the Law of the Sea Treaty, that would strip away U.S. soreignty on our waters. Senator Thompson has interestingly enough ignored this issue to my knowledge.
    Mike is not calling you a racist, but rightly recognizes that there is some animosity towards Hispanics from some individuals. If you have any doubts about where he stands on the way to deal with illegal immigration, please visit to find out more.
    Maybe a corporation did hire illegal immigrants. How would you know? Employers are legally prohibited from scrutinizing documentation of workers. If they did, it was certainly wrong for them to do that. But I thought you were for limited government like me? It is simply not the duty of a Governor to nudge into the business of another.
    I am a dedicated conservative and patriot like I am sure you are, but please do stick to building up your own candidate rather than tearing ours down.

    In the name of liberty,

    SC Huckster

  6. I certainly meant no personal offense by stating that Winghunter was, in response to HIS attack on Huckabee by calling him a “drunken IRS agent” himselk. I certainly apologize. I get really angry when false attacks on Mike start spreading around. Please do not judge Mike Huckabee by my own demeanor.

  7. The Guardian report on Thompson’s quip was a hysterical. If you saw the exchange with Carl Cameron, it was a bit of self-deprecating humor. Most politicians seem to lack that feature.

    Caleb notes that conservatives will not have a home if Thompson vacates the contest. I find him refreshing because he is the conservative in the race, and he is the only candidate that is presenting federalism as the path to limited government. Everyone else is a big-government advocate. As we have seen with Mr. Bush, the big-government conservatism is something of an oxymoron.

    Fred is running his campaign as an antidote to this nonsense that we have to have nearly a two-year run to be President. The Clintons invented the perpetual campaign mode, and it must be stopped.

    Slow, garbled, lazy and indifferent. I say Fred is dumb like a fox. Let’s see what happens.

    Best wishes in your chaplaincy.

  8. I appreciate the replies. Thanks for the comments. While I support Huckabee, I have no ill-will towards Thompson supporters (or any other candidate for that matter) and intelligent debate is welcome on this blog. Again, thanks to all for commenting and I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

  9. Winghunter,

    Thank you for coming to the site and for the information you provided to back up your point of view. We all want to know the truth and I spent the time to read each of the articles you presented (although two were unavailable for me to read.) After the research I have done on this issue, I believe that these articles present half truths that appear alarming on the surface. But if you try to understand the whole picture and Gov. Huckabee’s position, you’ll see these are a twisting of the truth.

    For instance, a few of these articles discuss the bill from Sen. Jim Holt that Huckabee says was “racist” and “un-Christian” and “anti-life.” But he was not speaking this way of the bill because he wanted illegals to be able to vote or have government services, but because by law illegals already were unable to have these services and rights, so the bill was pointless. It had no point and its effect was riling people up against Hispanic immigrants (legal or not). That’s why he said it was racist and un-Christian. And by our U.S. constitution (like it or not), those unborn children of illegal immigrants that would be born here would be U.S. citizens. I think your one article explained well why Huckabee felt denying care to these children was anti-life. He said:
    “We’re trying to preserve the life of someone who, when born, will be an American citizen with his first breath. We can spend $900 on pre-natal care when the mother is pregnant. Instead, this bill would have us take a chance and spend $2,000 a day at Children’s hospital if the baby’s born and something has gone wrong. That’s anti-life.” Another quote for clarification about this senate bill from an interview:

    “Let me ask you about one bill I heard about – in Arkansas. I understand you opposed a bill that would deny illegal immigrants state benefits. Is that the case and can you tell us a little about that?

    Mike Huckabee: I think it’s a bill that one of our state senators who really was baiting this issue, got on, and it did something that we don’t do any way. We don’t give benefits to illegals and it was a bill really to inflame passions, not to solve anything. When I asked him could he name me one person anywhere that was getting a welfare check, food stamps, or getting benefits who was illegal, he could not do it. I asked him did he know of anyone who could give me the name of anyone and I told him if he could, then he needed to be reporting it — because it was already against the law in our state — and could he tell me what this bill would do that our current laws didn’t already do — and he couldn’t tell me. The point was that this was not to fix something that was wrong, this was to get attention, which it did for him. It created an enormous amount of rally for people who wanted to be angry at somebody, but he couldn’t produce any evidence whatsoever because we don’t allow benefits to be given…”

    Some other things to read to better understand Huckabee’s point of view in these matters:

    Illegal immigration is an important issue to me. I have sent faxes to congressmen several times when amnesty bills were being considered to say, “No amnesty!” Mike Huckabee’s stand on immigration is one I can agree with.

    His stated positions are:
    He opposes and will never allow amnesty, believes that securing our borders must be our top priority and has reached the level of a national emergency, supports the $3 billion the Senate has voted for border security, opposed the amnesty bill that was attempted to be rushed through Congress this summer, and opposed the misnamed DREAM Act, opposes and will not tolerate sanctuaries for illegals, opposes giving driver’s licenses to those who are illegally in our country and supports legislation to prevent states from doing so, believes illegal aliens who try to vote or try to apply for welfare benefits should be arrested, opposes and will not tolerate employers who hire illegals and believes they must be punished with fines and penalties so large that they will see it is not worth the risk or profitable, opposes the economic integration of North America that would create open borders among the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and will never yield one inch of American sovereignty.

    I’ll stop now. I hope this site does not have a word limit. 🙂

    Blessings, Karen

  10. Romney’s the way to go. He’s the only winnable conservative in the race.

    When it comes to waffling, consider how Reagan was a pro-choice governor in California. We’re roughly the same age, but we both know he was still an incredible and certainly pro-life president. If we’d allow Reagan to “waffle,” why not Romney?

    Besides, since when is converting to pro-life a bad thing?

  11. How would you describe “winnable”, Braden? Our voting decisions should be based on principle alone, which Mitt Romney has not displayed in any measure. If he does not know what he stands for, can he stand for what he knows? Do not misunderstand me, I respect your decision and appreciate your polite manner. But I believe that we must choose a genuine conservative. That is Mike Huckabee.

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