The Importance of Spreading the Word about Mike

Mike Huckabee is gaining in the polls. He has a growing base of support among voters and more people are learning about him for the first time. This is great news for a number of reasons.

1. The people who have been supporting Huckabee for some time now, might be starting to reach the limit (personally and legally) of what they can contribute to his campaign. These people are now the roots of the grassroots movement trying to spread Huckabee’s message. It is important that more people be brought into the fold so that the burden of funding the campaign is not carried by so few.

2. The Huckabee campaign gaining more support acts like a snowball. The Governor’s message is contagious, as people hear about it, they are drawn to him. Supporters need to use whatever means available to spread the word.

3. The growing support helps turn Huckabee into a truly national candidate. This has been one of the struggles for Huckabee, achieving national recognition. He still has a ways to go, but with his steadily growing coverage in the media, it is just a matter of time before he has broad support outside of the early primary states. Until then, supporters need to encourage their local media personalities to try and get the Governor on board for an interview. My wife and I have been calling and emailing a couple of local radio personalities (Jeff Bolton and John-David Wells on 570 KLIF and Mark Davis on 820 WBAP) to encourage them to get Mike on their programs. This will help make him more appealing to people because the local media tend to ask the questions that concern the every day American.

The Huckabee campaign is at a critical point. This is where he could start surging to truly national prominence, or fading into the distance because of lack of funds and national support. Those are really the only options for him at this point. It all depends on how well his message picks up on a national level, and that completely depends on his supporters getting the word out.

Mike Huckabee is standing on the edge. He could either jump forward into the national race, or fall back to being a secondary candidate.



One thought on “The Importance of Spreading the Word about Mike

  1. I am in essential agreement with your commentary. We must spread the word on the personal level and through local and national forums in line with each of our own capabilities
    and opportunities. Need to keep in mind, however, that Mike Huckabee is only one man and cannot take advantage of ever opportunity
    that might come his way or the many demands on his time to be needed in many places at one time.

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