Negative Attacks against Huckabee on the Rise

This week there have been increasingly negative attacks against Mike Huckabee. This does not come as a surprise to most because of the nature of politics today. What may come as a surprise is who the attacks are coming from. Thus far, Huckabee has not been perceived by the left as much of a threat and so they have focused their attack on other candidates. The attacks have been coming from conservative personalities, media sources, and think tanks.

I spend a good amount of time reading the posts of Huckabee supporters on his website, and some have been begun to waver in their support of the governor because of these attacks. Others have asked why he is being attacked so vehemently from within his own party.

The answer is quite straight forward. The conservative media, personalities, and think tanks have been following this a lot longer than most of us and have been invested in a particular candidate or set of candidates for some time. They did not even figure Huckabee into their equations. Huckabee’s dramatic rise in the polls and increasingly vocal following have added an element to the race that they have a hard time acknowledging. Because they have invested so much into other candidates, Huckabee becomes a threatening figure to their intellectual and political pride. This makes it hard for them to give Huckabee the time of day.

Mike Huckabee will continue to face attacks from all sides as his campaign moves forward. The key to his success lies in how he responds to those attacks. He took the time to personally respond to an editorial in the Wall Street Journal that criticized his fiscal conservatism. That is just the kind of thing that he will have to continue to do in order to keep these attacks from ruining his image. This also gives him free publicity to promote his views.

There are many conservatives who obviously see Huckabee as a viable candidate, otherwise they would not be attacking him so hard. Huckabee should take this as a good sign that people are beginning to take notice. As long as he continues to prove that the accusations of his attackers are full of spin, his campaign will continue to gain momentum.


2 thoughts on “Negative Attacks against Huckabee on the Rise

  1. You make some good points, Caleb. I have made the argument on my blog that the Christian leaders are playing politics with all of this, just to make sure they still retain some influence over the platform of the Republican party. It’s sad, but they are putting politics before the people.

  2. I saw your comment on Gov. Huckabee’s website. I so agree with what you just wrote and enjoyed reading your blog. God Bless You and keep up the good work.

    We Like Mike!!!!

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