Eleven Year-Old Children, Sex, and Birth Control

What is our country coming to when schools are permitted to hand out birth control pills to girls as young as eleven? (link)

There are some who call it a preventative action. They believe they are helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies by providing kids with these pills. In reality, they are offering kids drugs that should only be prescribed by a doctor after a thorough physical exam and medical history check.

Anyone who has ever seen a birth control commercial on TV has heard the list of side effects. There are a number of them and they are not something to be taken lightly. A school should not be permitted to give out birth control pills for this reason alone. A young girl could cause great harm to herself by taking these pills and her parents and family doctor would have no idea what the cause is.

A second reason is because it would do even more to encourage kids to have sex at a younger age. Hey, sex is fun! What happens when you take away one of the biggest consequences for kids who do not have the moral grounding or intellectual capacity to think about what the outcome of their actions might be? More sex at younger ages.

As a society we are quick to try and treat the symptoms of this disease. We give out condoms, birth control pills, and provide sexual education; but we don’t do anything to equip kids with the moral and intellectual tools to make a wise decision about sex. Instead, we toss out band-aids to take away the immediate consequences because we are afraid of “stifling” our children or taking a moral stand on anything. These are children and we are here to help guide them through childhood and adolescence to adulthood. Growing up was not meant to be a “hands off” journey. It is the duty of parents and adults to take the hands of these kids and to provide them with a strong moral compass and the intellectual tools they need to succeed. They are not ready to be making decisions about sex and birth control on their own, despite what the progressives tell you.

We must make a stand and stop letting the progressives in our culture dictate what they think is best for our children. Unless we make a stand, the mystery, beauty, and joy of a monogamous sexual relationship will continue to fade until it is a distant memory of a long gone generation.



2 thoughts on “Eleven Year-Old Children, Sex, and Birth Control

  1. There was an article about this that was a link from the Laura Ingraham site. That article made a very good point that the sexual fantasies of girls this age are very sensual and do not involve all-out intercourse. Girls this age aren’t looking for that. This really opens the door to covering up child abuse more than anything.

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