Huckabee Passes Romney in Rasmussen Poll

Mike Huckabee moved in to fourth place in a national presidential tracking poll published by Rasmussen (link). He is currently polling at 12% which propels him in front of Romney’s 11%.

There are two bits of really good news in this poll for Huckabee and his supporters:

1. Huckabee is only two points behind John McCain. Huckabee has continued to gain momentum, and if he can raise the funds necessary to get his message out, he could likely move into the third place slot. A move to the top three will give him a new sense of viability among Republican voters.

2. There are still 18% of voters who are undecided. This gives Huckabee a large pool of potential voters that he can tap into as his message continues to spread. If Huckabee can convince a majority of that 18% to join his cause, he could quickly find himself in the top two.

Mike Huckabee continues to surprise people with his dramatic surge in the polls. His continued rise will soon put him in a position where the media will have no choice but acknowledge his viability and give him his rightful place among the “top tier” candidates.



One thought on “Huckabee Passes Romney in Rasmussen Poll

  1. I’ll argue that there’s another piece of good news in that: a lot of people like Mike, but support Romney (or Thompson, or McCain) because they think that they have to. If Huckabee can keep beating Romney, then Romney loses those people … and the social conservatives take this primary by storm.

    I admit that there’s a lot of optimism in that scenario, but I think it’s not completely unfounded.

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