Rasmussen Poll has Huckabee up to 10% Nationally

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has hit a key milestone in his race for the presidency. He had been hovering in the single digits for months with very little national name recognition. This has been gradually changing as a growing, vocal grassroots movement has been spreading the word about Huckabee in their circles of influence.

According to the Rasmussen Poll (link), Huckabee has reached 10% support nationally. This puts him within striking distance of Mitt Romney (12%) and John McCain (14%). The poll also indicates that 17% of voters are still undecided, leaving Huckabee with a good size pool of potential supporters.

The poll is especially significant because it begins to show the momentum that has been gradually building for the Huckabee campaign. If his momentum continues, we could easily see him dethrone McCain to become number three in the polls. If Huckabee can reach number three in national polls before the primaries early next year, can continue to energize a relatively apathetic conservative base, and can increase his fundraising; he has a great chance of becoming the Republican nominee.

Breaking into the top three will give Huckabee some much needed national recognition. His continued strong performances in debates and passionate speeches to conservative groups will help to shake conservative voters out of their apathy and motivate them to contribute and go to the polls. His increasing popularity will also help him raise the funds needed to compete on a national level against the money grubbing machines that are Hillary and Obama.

The Huckabee campaign has reached a critical point. He is on the verge of breaking out of the pack. He only lacks the resources and name recognition to do so. If he can continue to energize the conservative base and if his grassroots supporters keep up their spreading of his message; he has a great chance of being the Republican on the ballot next November.



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