Pirate Like Me

I know this is a departure from my regular posts, but I thought this was fun. I wrote it this afternoon for my sister in law who loves the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Pirate Like Me

Look at this pirate and what do you see?
Pistol, parrot, hat, and a bottle of rum or three.
A pirate is a dime a dozen,
But a pirate like me there has never been.

I love to drink a bottle of rum
Pirating, sailing, and looting is fun.
Surely by now you must see that a pirate like me
Is certainly a rarity.

Ahoy! I see treasure ahead!
Load up your muskets with powder and lead!
This pirate likes the sheen gold,
Or so the legendary story is told.

Avast! A rival ship!
Hurry maties we shoot from the hip!
I have a reputation you see
They can’t best a pirate like me.

Aye, what a haul we have taken,
A full sail to land we must be makin’.
This pirate needs to trade for rum and bread
And perhaps a soft pillow to lay my head.

At land I cannot long be,
I can still hear the call of the sea.
Never has there been nor never will there be
As great a pirate as the likes of me.

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