Different Denominations, Same Faith

I went to drill this weekend, and I was once again impressed by my fellow Chaplain Candidates. In our small group we have a number of different denominations represented: Baptist, Nazarene, and Disciples of Christ. The funny thing is that if you take that combination and throw that group together in another environment, you might end up with a small riot of a religious debate.

That simply has not been the case with us. I know that we have our theological differences, but they all seem rather petty in light of our common faith and common desire to serve and minister to soldiers. Conversations over lunch do not consist of endless theological debates, but instead are full of words of advice from experienced Chaplains, the ever present swapping of “war stories”, and our common desire to minister to soldiers.

It really is too bad that the rest of the church does not function in a more cohesive manner. We could accomplish so much more if we were able to embrace our common faith in Christ. Granted, there will always be theological differences, but those differences should not between Christians coming together to accomplish their mission on the world: to win the lost, and to glorify God. We too often get caught up in denominational divides and we lose sight of our ultimate mission.

If our small group of Chaplain Candidates is any indication, it is possible to put those differences aside in light of a common goal and I think it is an example the church would do well to learn from.


2 thoughts on “Different Denominations, Same Faith

  1. This was one of my favorite things about Ch-BOLC! Denominational differences pale in light of the greater things we hold in common. Love of God and soldiers.

  2. Amen, It has been wonderful to work with guys of other denominations. People that keep the most important, the most important. We love the Lord and want to serve soldiers.

    Military bearing is a great thing.


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